A completely stand alone mobile camera kit
that allows for instant deployment and surveillance of remote locations.


IMSYS Presence Awareness Mobile Camera Kit

With the advancements of camera technology, high speed wide area network connectivity, and power options, IMSYS has designed a comprehensive mobile camera solution that can be used in any situation, anywhere, anytime!

Detects and Notifies of:

  • Drug Dealing
  • Restraining Order Violations
  • Violent Crimes
  • Graffiti
  • License Plate Recognition

As a completely stand alone mobile camera kit, the IPAS MobiCam allows for instant deployment and surveillance of remote locations and areas of concern. IMSYS has designed the MobiCam to be a pre-emptive system, providing alerts and notification of predefined events. By leveraging wide area network data communications, we can provide remote connectivity to the camera from the internet via a web browser.

Image Search

Event searches can be performed by date and time using the video management system which is integrated into every IPAS MobiCam. The camera displays the event which occurs closest to the specified time. Saved as an archive file, the recorded image sequences can also be conveniently sent to other users by e-mail or uploaded over the internet.

  • Watch Live Video
  • Review Recorded Video
  • Export and Download Remotely
  • Receive Real-Time Emails with Picture
  • Easily Mounts to Poles
  • Instantly Connects to the Internet
  • Log in From Any Browser
  • Auto Tracking
  • 18 Times Zoom at 720p HD, up to 30 fps
  • 36 Times Extra Optical Zoom in VGA

The Internal IP Camera can be ordered in different configurations including PAN/TILT/ZOOM and auto-focus. It can also support a dual lens configuration, dual Megapixel sensors to provide two recorded image areas. The MobiCam is designed to work in both low and high temp environments and all MobiCams work in the day and at night.

  • Face Super Dynamic Technology Ensures Clear Face Image
  • Integrated Network Video Management software
  • Digital continuous pan, tilt and zoom
  • Video management software, for playback and alert functions

The IPAS MobiCam is comprised of the following components:

  • Internal IP Camera
  • Cellular Router
  • Power Supply Options including, 110 AC and Methanol
  • Video Management Software
  • Industrial Computer
  • Integrated Video Analytics Option
  • Configuration and Set up Services
  • Training

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