Combines Real Time Location Tracking, Access Control,
Gate Automation, Video Surveillance and Two Way Audio Communications


Presence Awareness System for Secure Areas

The IMSYS Presence Awareness System is a real time tracking and access control solution. IPAS Secure, is designed to provide real time visibility of people and assets and to enable automated data collection of asset information, including location. IPAS Secure is a highly configurable software application that uses active RFID tags and readers to track the location of people and assets through out secure facilities. Combined with industry standard access control, e.g. HID Global, IPAS Secure gives you the ability to monitor and manage facilities and key business processes. IPAS Secure will locate and record the movements of people, assets and shipments anywhere with a reader network and record the movement of ‘tags’ in predefined areas and govern those movements with a system of rules.

Easy to learn, use and grow...

A map based interface makes IPAS Secure intuitive and easy to use, quickly showing users where people and assets are located while being able to control access to sensitive areas. The voice over IP intercom feature allows two way voice communication while cameras feed live video to IPAS Secure providing critical security information.

IPAS Secure supports multi–locations, buildings and areas as well as remote monitoring and alerting capabilities.

By being packaged as modules, it is easy to start to use parts of IPAS secure and expand the system with an organizations' natural growth.

IPAS Secure is a high quality, cost effective end to end solution that incorporates network video management solutions as well video analytics. The system is scalable from standalone to a globally networked and can be customized to meet user’s specific process requirements.

  • Detects Unauthorized Presence
  • Provides Real Time Alerts
  • Integrated Camera, VOIP Intercoms, Door Control, Gate Automation
  • Integrates HID Access Control/Gate Control, Real Time Location Tracking and Video Surveillance with Analytics

High Security Facilities

Allows organizations to maintain secure perimeter monitoring and total visibility of the location of people and assets across and within pre-defined zones. Government and commercially sensitive sites can establish zero-gap security.

Prisons and Detention Centers

Custom modules designed for prison and institution management to provide real-time knowledge of the location of detainees and key assets (like key bunches). Safely and efficiently decrease the ratio of guards to prisoners and reduce the cost of supervising detainees.

Corporate and Government Buildings

Real time Facility Management enables employers to manage access control, and time registration and evacuation management processes. IPAS Secure also enables employers to improve workforce productivity and incentivize process compliance and performance. IPAS Secure can help companies provide a safer, more secure environment for their employees.

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