IPAS VMS - Presence Awareness System Video Management System

A comprehensive suite of products in our enterprise class IP Video Surveillance Solution.


Presence Awareness System Video Management System


IPAS VMS offers a comprehensive suite of products in our enterprise class IP Video Surveillance Solution. Use map and floor plan based navigation to view live and recorded video from anywhere on the internet, network or using your smart phone. The full featured system runs on Windows networks and requires little end use training. Viewing of live and recorded video can centrally be viewed from PCs, Tablets and Phones. Users can quickly navigate between cameras from different servers and digitally zoom with the click of a mouse.

  • Supports Megapixel Cameras up to 10 Megapixels including live and Recorded Zoom
  • Scalable to Over 100 Cameras per Server and Unlimited Servers
  • Supports Motion Detection at the Camera and Server Level
  • Motion Activated Recording for JPEG, MPEG4, and H.264
  • Record Always, on Motion, on a Schedule or on a Trigger Basis
  • Watermark Recorded Video to Identify Tampering

You can view live and view recorded surveillance video from any of the surveillance cameras. You can control PTZ cameras online, view facilities maps, view up to 32 security cameras from multiple video servers in a single window. The system supports multiple users and is tightly integrated into the Windows operating system for complete security and by utilizing Video Insight's user manager, you can restrict users from viewing specific cameras, control PTZ's and restrict their ability to play recorded files.

IPAS VMS has two primary functions: it records the video and provides tools to view live or recorded video. The system is designed to be easy to use while having very powerful features.

Product Suite

  • Server Software
  • Monitor Station
  • Web Client
  • Rules Manager
  • Health Monitor

Viewing Panel

The viewing panel can be configured to show from one to 32 cameras in various configurations. The layout buttons at the top of the viewing panel allow you to control the number of cameras displayed.

Left Panel Navigation Tree Structure

The Left Navigation Tree Structure provides the main means of navigating between locations and cameras. You can navigate to particular locations (servers) and cameras, or you can navigate to custom layouts and facility maps. The system starts displaying all cameras. To view a single camera, click on the camera from the Left Navigation Tree. The focus will shift to a single camera.

Open System Means Total Flexibility

IPAS VMS offers total flexibility in setting up your servers and client viewing stations. The IP server runs as a Windows service and can be installed on one server or on an unlimited number of servers. The Monitor Station is used to view live and recorded video from all of the servers as well as to perform centralized setup and configuration.

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