RFID and Barcode Tracking

Secure RFID solutions provide identification verification and location information across multiple independent platforms. An integrated RFID system provides a secure database to house and retrieve identification, photo, or biometric information with locations. This simple and affordable service allows identification and location verification between all participants. Learn more on RFID


Barcode asset and item tracking systems are server or internet based. You can be tracking assets or evidence in one day!

Public Safety

The 4.9 GHz band has been set aside for Public Safety. We can show you how to use this to your benefit. Vehicle based integrated mobile systems provide real time access to records management and is the heart of a roaming wireless LAN.

Route Sales and Delivery

Eliminate time consuming and error prone paperwork. Leave more time to sell and deliver.

Warehouse Automation

Asset Tracking

Receiving, put away, order picking, replenishment and cycle counts can be automated with bar codes, wireless networking, software and rugged handhelds. This powerful combination has proven to save thousands for companies.

Automated tracking systems are easy to use and provide an audit trail for expensive items. You too can save.

Wireless and Mesh Networks

The backbone of an integrated wireless system, wireless networks provide real time data for mobile workers and also allows for data collective to be analyzed as transactions occur.

Workforce Automation

Mobile, computerized electronic work orders, mobile order entry and P.O.S.


Capture license plates day and night – in any weather condition – with the IMSYS IPAS VMS License Plate Recognition (LPR) add on.

The IPAS VMS License Plate Recognition (LPR) add-on allows you to automate license plate reading and identification. The new LPR add-on makes it easy to capture license plates, identify vehicles, and enforce parking restrictions under any weather condition.

Key Features • Unlimited license plate recording • Support for over 2,200 camera models • Works with all types of plates • Advanced search box – filtering tags by day/range • Trigger rules/actions based on license groups • Assign plates to specific cameras/rules • Multiple databases of plates tied to rules manager • Specify region or capture entire image

LPR Rules Manager

• Allows you to create an unlimited number of groups of licenses • Trigger rules based on groups • Actions include: alerts, outputs, emails, video pop-ups, instructions and layout changes

General Information

Supported Operating System: Windows (32-/64-bit) System Requirements: Intel i5 or higher Licensing: Licensed on a per camera basis

Interface - IMSYS IPAS VMS Integration

• Support for over 2,200 camera models • Specify region of interest or entire image • Stores all Tags in SQL Database with no limits • Show all Tags by date/time and by camera • Search Box – show results, filter by date/range • Popup Alarms when an unwanted license plate is detected or an unknown plate is detected • Multiple Databases of plates tied to Rules Manager with ability to assign plate(s) to a specific camera • Ability to create groups of licenses to trigger action • Includes all IPAS VMS actions: alerts, outputs, emails, video pop-ups, instructions and change layouts • Pop-ups on any hit, count frequency • Licenses can be purchased individually for 4 cameras or less, or purchased preinstalled on Server for camera counts of 5 or more
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