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Secure RFID solutions provide identification verification and location information across multiple independent platforms.

An integrated RFID system provides a secure database to house and retrieve identification, photo, or biometric information with locations. This simple and affordable service allows identification and location verification between all participants.

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Presence Awareness Mobile Camera Kit

The IPAS MOBICAM is a completely stand alone mobile camera kit that allows for instant deployment and surveillance of remote locations. Receive alerts, email video clips, view live video. Can be setup anywhere!

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Receiving, put away, order picking, replenishment and cycle counts can be automated with bar codes, wireless networking, software and rugged handhelds. This powerful combination has proven to save thousands for companies.

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IMSYS delivers integrated IP Video and real time RFID tracking solutions to provide “Presence Awareness”, the ability to know who and what is present in specific areas of interest.

In today’s challenging environments, organizations are depending on automated systems for monitoring video, tracking personnel and securing premises with access control to provide safe and secure workplaces. IMSYS’ mission is to enable identification and verification through data capture technologies, IP video, wireless communications and intuitive software. Our systems provide access to mission critical information using "Technology to Empower Knowledge" to make organizations more efficient, safer and more secure.

IMSYS software solutions provide real ongoing cost savings by applying proven technology products and methodology to real world operations. Doing more with less and improving the bottom line by eliminating errors and the duplication of effort is the goal that can be achieved.

  • Counties, Cities, & Towns
  • Public Safety
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Distribution
  • Food Industry
  • Service Industries